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Larry Greenhill, Contributing Editor
Stereophile Magazine, Sept. 1998

"I thought about the other surprises at Hi-Fi '98.  Next to my hotel room - and quite tolerant of my very loud snoring - were the folks from Granite Audio.  Dragging my sore bones back from a full day of reporting, I was drawn to their room by the stunningly realistic sound of Eric Clapton's voice.  Playing at the time were Granite's Model 280 three-way dynamic loudspeaker driven by two Teslovak KT88s in Granite's Model 860 30W triode/60W pentode tube amplifier.  The 150-lb speaker (Model #280) features a 10" bass driver, a 5" midrange, and a 1" tweeter.  Listening to other vocalists - Paul Simon and Doug MacLeod - I was even more impressed by these loudspeakers' ability to throw a realistic sonic image of a solo vocalist.  Despite the company's 20 years in business of supplying the pro market, Granite is just now seeking retail dealers."

Jonathan "J-10" Scull, Senior Contributing Editor
Stereophile Magazine, Sept. 1998:

" 'Rock Solid Music' by Granite Audio pursued a different vision of audio that fits more easily into the home.  Their tubed electronics and speakers are encased in an attractive artificial granite that's said to offer a high degree of damping.  Six stock colors are available; customized hues can be made to order.  Vishay, Alps, Holco, Sprague, and other quality parts are used throughout."

Martin G. DeWulf, Publisher
Bound for Sound Magazine, Feb. 1999

"They  had great sound, and playing Blood, Sweat and Tears didn't hurt - it was Granite Audio.  There's so much going on with this company that I'm almost afraid to start their show coverage.  The name Granite Audio comes from the polymer stone like material that they use for loudspeaker cabinets and electronics enclosures.  This faux stone is said to be inert and offer a high degree of damping for their tube preamp and power amplifiers.  Taken into the "back room" for an audition, a pair of Model 860 monoblocks was making a large Model 280 3-way floorstanding loudspeaker sing at the top of its lungs.  Don't have the space to go into all the details on the electronics, but be assured that the design and function of these components are not of your ordinary fair (you can run without a preamp if you want).  What I saw were fresh ideas from guys who love their music.  Check 'em out at for more info." 

Jonathan "J-10" Scull, Senior Contributing Editor
Stereophile May 1999, Page 61.
"CES Expensive Tubes"

Moth Audio once again stunned the senses with their retro styling and unusual, to say the least, choice of tubes. The $9600/pair m304TL monoblocks made a big impression on visitors.  As did Granite Audio's faux-granite finishes.  Their tubed electronics and speakers are encased in the many-hued stuff that's said to offer good inherent damping characteristics.  These are quality tube designs;  you'll find Vishay, Alps, Holco, Sprague, and other audiophile parts scattered throughout.

Jonathan "J-10"  Scull, Contributing Writer
Gramophone February 1999
"US Audio News"
"Granite Audio tubes"

Granite Audio's full line of tubed preamplifiers, power amplifiers, and loudspeakers are encased in an attractive artificial granite material which is said to offer a high degree of resonance damping.  The Model 770 preamplifier makes use of six 12AX7 tubes and one 6X4 rectifier to avoid, according to Granite, the tendency of solid-state rectification to add noise and spikes to the voltage rail. 

The all-tube phono section covers MM cartridges and offers variable load to 100K ohms.  A four-layer printed circuit board (pcb) is employed, two layers of which carry the high-voltage anode and high-current filament feeds.  The signal-carrying layers are set apart as much as possible, crossing at right angles when required.  The result is very low noise and crosstalk. 

The 770 preamplifier employs audiophile grade components from Vishay, Alps, Sprague, Alcoswitch, Electroswitch, and Holco, all mounted directly on the PCB.  The power supply is on a separate board to eliminate potential ground loop problems.  The filament supply is filtered and rectified with low-noise Schottky rectifiers to produce a smooth voltage rail.  Switches and contacts are either gold or silver and the RCA inputs are hard gold-plated over silver over copper.  The
770 preamplifier has dual outputs for easy bi-amping, with one phono and four line-level inputs plus a tape loop. 

The artificial granite finish, said to be 2-4 times denser than typical MDF, comes in six standard colors with customized hues available. 

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