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These reviews came from emails sent to the Granite Audio Factory and are not corrected for spelling or punctuation errors.

1.   Don: Thanks for the information. I use a Grado cartridge and phono amp in my stereo system and was hearing a lot of noise and RF interference through the system, until I installed the Ground Zero.  It removed all of the noise.  Great product!
Roger, Birmingham, AL .

2.   Hi Don, The package arrived yesterday. I have installed the system and although there was only a minimum of ground hum before, I could reduce it a bit for optimum performance. I have enough washers, but it's good to have some spare ones. I appreciate your excellent service. Thanks for all! Best regards,
Daniel, Switzerland.

3.   dear Don, I received yesterday your Ground Zero. Easy to install and works on the most of my equitments but I have a very loud hum noise when I am trying to connect it to phono stage.

(Then he had this to say after he got tech support.)
Hi, not only clever but a man with knowledge!!!!!!!!! Funny is that first I am asking you and then I discover and then you answer correct for the things I found and even you are far away you have right!!!! All the problems were from the Jasmine place on self and I really din't notice the black banana bidding post until you mention it. Now I have hum little noticeable and I am sure if I follow your instructions I will eliminate them all. My surprise is that you know so many thinks fabout Jasmine and I give you my respect if you tried to find all this information's to help me. Thank you is the less I can say. My best regards.
Gerasimos, Greece.

4.   Hi Don, My Ground Zero arrived yesterday and I installed it as soon as I got home. My amplification chain is all tubes and I use Altec A7s as speakers, so noises will pass through them. I had installed cheater plugs on my monoblocks to treat a low level hum. I didn't follow the instructions in that I didn't listen to the system without the cheater plugs for a baseline before I installed the Ground Zero, so after I installed it, I was still able to hear some noise from my speakers. Adjusting the switches had some effect, but they were pretty subtle.

Then I decided to play the system and I was bowled over by the improvement.  I surmised that what I was still hearing was tube noise and not a grounding issue, but I think the system must still be quieter because I could hear deeper into the music, and instrumental textures were clearer. and as you say, the Ground Zero doesn't interfere with the signal path. So the Ground Zero must be more effective than using cheater plugs, but are there benefits even if ground loops aren't an issue? A couple of things. A friend of mine who is a fan of Altec horns came over to listen to my system yesterday and he noticed the Ground Zero. After listening to somemusic he said that my system IS quieter.
Cyrus, Honolulu, HI

5.   I broke down and got one ( Ground Zero). I have no plans (or significant cash!) to upgrade major components in the forseeable future so I figured it was worth a try to improve what I've already got. It took me about 25 minutes to install all of the cords and go through a quick round of flipping switches. My system is fairly quiet, but I have always had issues with ground loops, and the simple act of changing interconnects can have a profound effect on hum and noise, causing me to bring out the cheater plugs.  After only a brief session with the GZ all hum and noise was virtually gone.  I can turn up the volume control to full (my DNA-225 power amp puts out over 200 watts into my VMPS speakers) and hear nothing unless I put my ear right up to the woofer, and even then it's difficult to discern anything. With regard to the effect when playing music, all I can say is that everything seems more at ease, and the music just flows more naturally. Any artificial edge or brightness seems significantly diminished, and I find I am listening to digital for much longer periods than I was before the GZ was installed. Well worth it for me.
John, Massachusetts.

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