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Carol Clark (right) of Positive Feedback Magazine stopped in to see our newest products.  Don Hoglund, Granite Audio's President (left) showed her our new Model 501 Ground Zero and Cat Paw feet for components.

Our Listening Room #2 featured our Model #770 Preamp, #657 Tube CD Player, #864 Silver Reference Monoblocks, and "Style-Lust" speakers from Scientific Fidelity.  And, of course, all the cables are made by Granite Audio.

Gerard Rejskind of UHF Magazine dropped in to hear our Room #2 system.  UHF Magazine is from Canada and is really worth reading.  They are in their 25th year and the magazine is full of music and equipment reviews, articles, and loads of good advice.  I highly recommend it.  I read it cover-to-cover every issue.

Martin DeWulf of Bound For Sound Magazine is always fun to talk with.  His publication is unique because there aren't any ads in it.

Our Listening Room #1 system featured our Granite Audio Model #240 Monitor speakers in Opal granite color, our prototype integrated solid state amplifier, and the source was our #657 Tube CD Player with long interconnects from our Listening Room #2 system.

The Raysonic room was using all Granite Audio cables in their exhibit room.
They had our #555 power cords on the front end gear, #560 power cords on their impressive monoblocks, #573 speaker cables, and #470 silver interconnects.  They even had a #560 power cord connected to their line conditioner.
(Notice the Granite Audio cable sign in the lower right corner of the photo.)

Constantine Soo of Stereo Times Magazine came in for some laughs and to hear what's new at Granite Audio.  Before Mr. Soo was a Senior Contributor at Stereo Times, he was one of our first customers many years ago.  He fell in love with our Model #470 Silver Interconnects and later wrote a rave review on them for his magazine.

This display featured our newest Model #501 Ground Zero Ground Loop Elimination System.  The new model has more jacks and will work on larger stereo systems and home theater systems with up to 14 components in them.

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