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The three stars of this year's Granite Audio exhibit are pictured to the right.   Katie and Lisa joined our show sales staff and helped debut our newest product.  Lisa is holding the heart of our new Ground Zero ground loop elimination system.

Yes, Ground Zero was the third major star at the show, especially with other exhibitors who bought and installed Ground Zero systems in their own exhibits to get rid of some awfully loud ground loops.  These included the PS Audio Room, The Mobil Fidelity Sound Lab room, and the Chang Lightspeed rooms.  Click on this
Ground Zero link for more photos and details.

Katie   -   Ground Zero   -   Lisa
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Don Hoglund, President Granite Audio on left.
John Kotches, Contributing Editor - Widescreen Review magazine on right.

John was quite impressed with our new Micro-75 series cables for digital audio and digital video.  When John saw the specs on these new digital cables, including the impressive 3GHz bandwidth and true 75ohm impedance verified on our $35,000.00 Tektronix TDR,  he was anxious to review them in Widescreen Review's own state-of-the-art home theater system.

Hank, Granite Audio sales staff on left.
Lisa, Granite Audio sales staff in center.
Mike Malter, Reviewer - Positive Feedback magazine on right.

Mike Malter has a number of Granite Audio products in his reference system and wrote a great review on the centerpiece of his system, the Granite Audio Model #770 Tube Preamp with tube phono section.

Lisa, sales staff on left.
Russell Novak, Senior Editor - The Audiophile Voice, center.
Katie, sales staff on right.

Katie, sales staff on left.
Don, President in center.

Sangye, Granite Audio staff.  Sangye was responsible for our great music system set-up this year in our $56,000.00 Reference System room.  Sangye spent many hours during our pre-show time to get the best possible sonic performance and imaging from our Main Reference System in our 2-room exhibit suite.  And he did a fantastic job based on the high compliments from hundreds of visitors.  Thanks, Sangye.

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Don, President on left.
Mike Malter, Reviewer - Positive Feedback magazine on right.

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