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It just doesn't seem like the CES party has started until Jonathan "J-10" Scull comes in for our annual visit and joking around.  "J-10's" humor was in top form this year and we caught him "on camera" doing the Scull shuffle to our live sounding music system.  But, we don't publish embarrassing photos on our site.  Well, not of anyone who also has their own site for posting "revenge photos".  Ha, ha.

We first met "J-10" and the rest of the great crew of
Stereophile at their Hi-Fi'98 Show in L.A. when we debuted our Granite Audio products and system concept for the first time.

Don Hoglund - Jonathan Scull
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Ever since then Jonathan's kind words and compliments about us in Stereophile and Gramophone magazines have really helped us show off our handcrafted products and unique approach to reproducing the best high-end audio music possible. 
Jonathan is a "Monster High End Guru".

"Their (Granite Audio) tubed electronics and speakers are encased in the many-hued stuff (acrylic-granite) that's said to offer good inherent damping characteristics.  These are quality tube designs; you'll find Vishay, Holco, Sprague, and other audiophile parts scattered throughout."

"CES Expensive Tubes"
Jonathan Scull, Senior Contributing Editor
Stereophile  May 1999, Page 61.

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The Consonance/Opera Audio exhibit rooms were cabled entirely with Granite Audio cables.  They used our Model #470 Pure Silver Interconnects, #570  10AWG Speaker Cables, #555 Power Cords, and #560 Power Cords for great sound from their quality tube amp designs.  Centered on the floor are their Cyber-211 tubed monoblocks driving the Buggtussel speakers.  The Cyber-211 attracted lots of interest at the show and is really quite stunning to look at it.  Click on one of the larger photo links at the left and visit the Consonance website to see more of their fine products.

231kb photo       428kb photo     Pictured in the photo left to right are:
1. Ma Wei, Opera Sales Manager.  2. Stephen Monte, USA & Canada Distributor for Opera and also a Granite Audio Dealer.  3.  Don Hoglund, President Granite Audio.  4. Liu Zhao Hui, Opera Chief Engineer.

"Quest For Sound"  owner & Granite Audio Dealer, Stephen Monte, strikes a pose in front of our Model #770 Tube Preamp display.   The preamp was fitted with a special clear plexiglas cover for the CES show, so that our visitors could see all the high quality parts and features on the inside.  Stephen's a great guy and sells our quality products through his showroom in Philadelphia and on the internet on .  Click on our  "Dealers"  page hyperlink to get his address, email, and phone.  Then buy some gear from him so he can put his daughters through college, and I can buy more trout lures.

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Music Direct, the catalog giant of high-end audio, is now selling our Granite Audio #CD-101.1 Phono Burn-In and #CD-102 Ultimate Low-Bass Test CDs.  You can see our CES counter displays on the MD table at the Alexis Park Parthenon Room, pictured on the left. 

Josh Bizar, Director of Sales & Marketing for Music Direct, also commissioned us to make a Special Edition version of the Phono Burn-In CD that has bonus moving coil tracks in addition to the MM tracks.  So, this new version #CD-101.1 will now work on all phono cartridges.  Music Direct has the worldwide exclusive on this Special Edition MC version.  You can get it from their catalog or their on-line store.

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