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In Memory of Don Schlicker.
Father, husband, friend, audiophile.

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Don Schlicker
November 8, 1947  to  February 22, 2002
by Don Hoglund

I first met Don Schlicker through the Arizona Audiophile Society when we attended CES1997 together.  Don was a true audiophile and proudly wore the label.  Music enjoyment was certainly one of his favorite passions.  I learned something very key to Don's music passion during our first listening session.  He always played every song from start to finish.  He just couldn't bear to cut any song short.  Once it started, he let it play to it's conclusion.  How ironic now, that the song of his life seems to have stopped early.  He left us all wanting more, just as with any good song he was just getting good.

"Said undertaker, undertaker won't you please drive real slow.  That's my dear friend Don Schlicker.  Lord I sure hate to see him go."

Don Schlicker died suddenly and unexpectedly on Friday Feb 22, 2002.  I was waiting for his call to go to a Friday night movie.  When no one heard from him, his wife and daughter went to his office.  He was at his desk slumped in his chair from a heart attack.  Services were on Saturday March 2, 2002.  Don's many friends attended as his ashes were scattered in the Superstition Mountains east of Phoenix, Arizona in an area called "Don's Camp", named after an equestrian group called "The Don's Club".  Jim Munzer sang a medley of tribute songs to Don including; "Will The Circle Be Unbroken", "Yellow Submarine", "Stormy Monday", and "Amazing Grace".  In true audiophile fashion, Don was cremated with his "Beatles Yellow Submarine" album in heavy vinyl as well as some other personal mementos.

Don served on the Steering Committee for several years and was also a Vice President of the Arizona Audiophile Society.  He was a generous member who frequently hosted events at his home and treated his audio guests to the best BBQ beef in Apache Junction, Arizona.  Mmmmmm.  Don was a true vinyl lover too and was always eager to drag his turntable to club meetings and to CES for use in our Granite Audio exhibits.  Don had "golden ears" and spent many many hours with me listening for fun and evaluating equipment tweaks.  The sadness that all these good times with him are behind us get choked up in my throat and even make my fingers type as if they're made of clay.  Don was one of my dearest friends.

Don is survived by his widow Sandy, daughter Tracy, granddaughter, and dog Bandit.  Sandy jokingly claims Bandit was his first love.  But, Don's friends know how much he loved Sandy by the kind & gentle words he spoke of her with.  I really respected him for his devotion to Sandy. 

Don had a deep and vast knowledge of music.  He was a musician himself and played the saxophone.  He could converse about blues, rock, jazz, pop, and folk from the 1930's to current times.  Thanks to Don's expertise, Granite Audio became well known for our CES and Stereophile Shows playlist almost as much as for our systems.  Don was my true friend as well as an integral part of Granite Audio from it's inception.  He was with us when our product line debuted at Stereophile's HI-FI'98 in Los Angeles.  I cannot imagine doing a show without him now.

Rest in peace, Don.  Enjoy your album.  And to all his friends, family, and fellow music lovers,

". . .  Listen to the music, a little part of Don is there . . ."

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