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Model 470 RCA Interconnect Cable


433  RCA - XLR
444  RCA - XLR
470  RCA
470  XLR
471  RCA

420  Digital RCA

555 & 560  AC




Since WBT stopped making the WBT-0101 Topline RCA connector,
we are now using our own RCA connector on our
NEW MODEL 471 Pure Silver Interconnect.
Same Model 470 handcrafted quality.  New RCA connectors.

     Model 470     99.9999% Pure Silver

This cable is engineered for the ultimate in pure music clarity.  The subtle details of vocals and instrumentals flow cleanly through the twin 22-gauge wires of single-crystal  SDPS  Slow-Drawn Pure Silver  which are also protected by 100% optimized shielding with both continuous foil and silver braid.  The ultimate connection is secured by our Lockable WBT-0101 Topline RCA connector, which is 24 carat gold over high-purity copper.

All our cables are sequentially cut from the master spool and serial numbered to keep them in order.  Sequential serial numbered cables are not only continuous crystal, . . . . they are the same continuous crystal.






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Description of layers from outside to center.
Blue = Abrasion protective braid.
Black = Main cable insulation.
Purple = Silver 100% braided shield.
Green = Silver 100% solid foil shield.
Blue = Special dielectric fillers.
Red = 99.9999% Pure Silver Signal conductor.
White = 99.9999% Pure Silver Return conductor.

"The Model 470 Silver cables sounded so good on my system when I first hooked them up the hair on my arms stood up .......really!!!!!  I just adore high fidelity music. Am touting your cables whenever I'm with a client with an audiophile system."   M. A. San Diego, CA.

More about Continuous Cast Silver & Copper.

The most important factor in cable design is the quality of the conductor.  The introduction of Continuous Cast Silver & Copper allows the creation of virtually perfect conductors.  A heated mold forms conductors of nearly perfect structure, with flawless, mirror-like surfaces, and high flexibility and great fatigue and corrosion resistance.

The grain (crystal) structure of metals has always been a limiting factor in cable design.  Gases and solid impurities collect at the grain boundaries, forming non-linear (diode) junctions.  These non-linearities cause the harsh, grainy sound quality of many cables.

A one-meter strand of drawn silver or copper wire, 0.3mm in diameter, consists of from 50 to 40,000 individual crystals (depending on the quality of the silver or copper).  Since no conductor is absolutely pure, each crystal boundary becomes a diode, adding its own non-linearity (however weak) to the signal. 

The Continuous Casting process eliminates this source of distortion by eliminating the grain boundaries.  In Continuous Cast cables, each crystal is 125 meters long.  This means that, even in long cables, there's never more than one crystal junction per strand.

The single-crystal structure permits unimpeded signal propagation.  The result is an extremely neutral sound with grain-free, extended highs that are open, airy, and detailed.  This improvement is apparent throughout the full frequency range, even down to the bottom end, whose weight, space, and air are fully reproduced.

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Model #470 Silver Cable Product Reviews.

Review by Milan Cernohorsky,  Editor of AMP Magazine.

Review by Constantine Soo,  Editor Dagogo Magazine.

( Received by email and not corrected for spelling or punctuation errors.)

Model 470 Silver cables sounded so good on my system when I first hooked them up the hair on my arms stood up .......really!!!!!  I just adore high fidelity music. Am touting your cables whenever I'm with a client with an audiophile system."   M. A. -- San Diego, CA.

"I received the Model 470 Silver cables yesterday and got to spend the better part of the evening (and then late into the night) "listening" to them.  Early impressions are better than I had even hoped. I believe the results will only improve as they break in too. You've made a wonderful product. I'll keep listening and put together a review once they've really reached their best performance.  I've been spending as much time listening to my stereo as possible of late. (It's nice to have a legitimate excuse to spend more time than usual in my favorite chair.) Even with the cables not being fully broken in they sound wonderful. The biggest difference I'm hearing right off the bat is in what I guess would be called microdynamics. Small changes in the attack and changing volume of any given sound. It's really nice. Music has a living quality it never did. Better upper frequencies, imaging and a blooming soundstage are also really very apparent.  (Note.  Rob then bought 2 more sets.)    Thanks for the email.  I can't express how nice it is to receive the personal attention you've shown me as a customer. I know that as your company grows it will be a model that's more difficult to follow, but this industry is one in which that level of courtesy is still really appreciated. For real enthusiasts the pleasure lies in the more than just the music."  R. G. -- San Francisco, CA.

"Don: I was astonished to see everything arrive on the 27th.  It took me until the end of the next day to uncrate (really nice job crating-- you could ship these things to the top of mt everest) and set up the system (
Model #860 Monoblock Power Amps, #260 Speakers, #570 Speaker Cable, #470 Interconnect cable).  after warming up the amps (a slight hum) I put on a tune--needless to say I was astounded! I think everything I had listened to before was just noise!  that evening, my wife had to call and insist I come home for dinner. after dinner I went back to the office with my 17yr old son to 'test the system'.  he brought some music of his own and we took turns listening to different cuts. yousa!! did we have a great time.  didn't go home until 4am the 29th. You and your company did everything (and more) as promised.  These are outstanding--top of the line-- products--well worth the money. "   Bill S. --  Cambridge, N.Y.

"Dear Mr. Don.  I received the Granite Audio
#470 pure silver interconnects and '#570 Speaker CableSmooth & crystal sound, I like it.  Thank you so much." 
Kazuhiko M. -- Hiroshima, Japan.

"I received my pair of
model 470 rca interconnects the other day, and have since spent several hours auditioning them in my system. What can I say? These are the finest interconnects to have graced my system, delivering music in a way I have never before experienced or felt. As soon as I connected your cables, I was immediately struck by the effortlessness with which the music presented itself. And with each listen, these cables seem to reveal more of their charm; music speaks to me on an emotional level I had until then only imagined possible. I believe that these cables deliver the very essence of music's message, and have allowed me a greater respect and understanding of that message. I will not delve into audiophile terms to describe the merits of your cables (emotions cannot be dissected into logical terminology), except to  state that they allow music to breathe, to project itself with the exuberance of life. Enough talk, however. I need to listen to some more music (I also need more sleep, but that's another story).  Thank you for the wonderful cables and the efficient and courteous service.  Take care and all the best to you and Granite Audio.  P.S. Did you guess I won't be asking for my money back?"   Robert S. -- Montreal, Canada.

"First, I want to say that I love your cables. They are so detailed, yet smooth (to be brief and to the point). I've been wanting to write an intelligent little review of my experience with your cables, however, my schedule always seems to get in the way."
R. P. -- Point Roberts, WA

"Hi Don.  Well I finally got the 860's into my show room.  Why did I wait so long????  The unbelievable sound that came out of a pair of Osborn Eclipse was amazing!!  I hooked a new Nad 540 CD player directly to them and threw in John McLaughlin Trio que alegria ---Don it was ????????? oh yea outstanding, the deep tight bass and the fantastic midrange --- I had to put in the ultimate --- Fresh Aire lll from Mannhiem Steamroller --- I was in tears with joy--- toccata, the first cut was being performed live in front of me and the second cut small wooden bach'ses-- I was in the wood listening to nature then I ran them to a new pair of Ari speakers -- the sound again was excellent so I then tried a pair of infinity RS-10's and again I was alled finally I went to the Osborn Epitom's and I was speechless-- the bass went through me the midrange was all around me and the highs were distinctive.  I played the Eclipse with a solid state (Brand) amp and pre-amp same CD player and same McLaughlin CD --it was not as open at this point, sounded a little hard.  I have a (Brand) stereo amp that I also listened to, again I feel the 860's were more dynamic and had a little more umpf !!  ….  -- hooked them up to a Sonic Frontier SLF-1 and they worked great… Well I guess you know I love the amps and now will start to audition them with some customers.  Also of course I used the 470 cables and did notice a large difference between them and the (Brand) cables.  Thanks Don a true devoted dealer.  Stephen M. -- Philadelphia, PA.

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